American Curl Cat Facts

One of the newest breeds of cat to come upon the scene is the American Curl Cat. The first cat with curly ears showed up as a foundling on the doorstep of a family in California. The ears were so different and unique that it was decided to try to establish this trait as a hallmark for a new breed. As it happens, the experiment was successful, and the American Curl Cat is now a well-known and widely loved pet.

While it is true that the coat can come in any color and can have long or short hair, there is no mistaking the distinctive ears, which curl backwards. The curl can be quite extreme, and those cats whose ears curl the most are the most coveted. The ears are quite stiff, unlike the usual cat ear, and resemble human ears in the amount of cartilage present.

Curl Cat kittens are born with normal, upright ears, and the curling begins within several days of birth. As the kitten grows, the ears may curl and uncurl several times before the permanent condition is complete at four months. American Curl Cats are very playful, and they retain this juvenile behavior even as adults; they are often referred to as ‘Peter Pan Cats’ because of this tendency to never grow up. Most people who take an American Curl into their home will like this trait.

• Be prepared to share every activity of your life with your American Curl Cat; they simply love to involve themselves in everything that you are doing.

• American Curls get along beautifully with everyone in the household, and will enjoy playing with family members and pets. They are gentle cats and trustworthy with children.

• This breed can adapt itself easily to other household pets, but be sure to introduce a new cat to dogs gradually.

• Moderately active, the American Curl is suitable for apartment living, but also likes going outside to explore.

• The American Curl is not an overly talkative breed and will usually ‘speak’ only when they require attention.

• The coat of the American Curl does not need any special attention, even for the long haired cats. There is little undercoat to become tangled, so weekly cat brushing is usually sufficient to keep its coat in good shape.

• Because of their distinctive shape, the ears of the American Curl must receive special attention. The owner will have to clean them regularly to prevent infections. However, care must be taken while cleaning not to break the cartilage.

• Efforts have been made to make sure that the inbreeding necessary to establish type will not lead to genetic illness or structural problems, such as hip dysplasia. American Curls are still bred with domestic shorthairs in order to assure genetic diversity, although this will be discontinued in 2015.

• This is basically a healthy breed, and you can generally expect your American Curl to live to 15 years or more.

• Besides paying attention to the ears, keep your American Curl Cat up to date on vaccinations, especially if it goes outside. Regular worming will be necessary if the cat hunts as parasites can be picked up from its prey.


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