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Many people regard cats as much easier to manage than dogs. This is, in many ways, the truth, but that does not mean that you can simply provide food and water and be done. The truth is that cats have many needs that must be met, including playtime. While providing enough playtime for cats is usually easier than it is for dogs, it is still the responsibility of the cat’s owner to offers the best cat toys that will provide adequate exercise and stimulation.

Why Cats Need Toys?
There are a number of reasons that you should provide toys for cats, and different types of toys will meet different needs. First, here is a discussion about some of the reasons that cats need toys followed by a section that lists some of the best cat toys.

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Cat Toys Relieves Boredom

Sure, cats like to spend a lot of time napping, but they still need stimulation in order to stave off boredom. While some cats will never show signs of boredom, others will -– and they are not pretty. Behavior stemming from boredom may include scratching furniture, urinating outside of the litter box and meowing at all hours of the day and night. (Please note that boredom is only one possible reason for such behaviors, and if your cat begins exhibiting such behavior suddenly, a medical issue could be to blame. Be sure to visit your vet if your cat begins to display behaviors that are not typical.)

By providing various toys and hiding them throughout the house, you can help to relieve your cats boredom. Be sure to change the toys and add new ones frequently.


An indoor cat is much more likely to be overweight than an outdoor cat. As is the case with overweight humans, an overweight cat is at risk for developing a variety of health problems. Overweight cats may experience similar health risks as overweight humans such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and a shorter lifespan. Overweight cats are also at risk for fatty liver disease, which is very expensive to treat and is often fatal. The best cat toys will encourage exercise, helping to stave off obesity.

Practice Hunting Skills

In nature, cats would spend a good amount of time each day hunting for food. While this is not a skill that indoor cats require, most cats enjoy “hunting” for their toys. You can tell a cat is “hunting” when he crouches down, stares at the desired object for a time and then pounces. Toys help cats to keep their hunting skills strong, even if it is just for fun.

Interaction with Owner

Dogs tend to be much more social than cats when it comes to needing time with their owners. Still, there is something to be said for interaction between cats and their humans. The right toys will provide a fun way to play with your cat. Even if your cat doesn’t care, YOU will likely enjoy the time spent playing with your pet.

To Save Your Stuff

Most cats are going to play whether you provide toys or not. If you do not provide some of the best cat toys they will simply play with whatever they can get their claws into. To save your furniture, walls and shoes, it is a good idea to give your cats plenty of playthings.

Examples of the Best Cat Toys
Remember the reasons that cats need toys. That will help you determine some of the best options for your pet. Below are some ideas for choosing the best cat toys.

Things that Move

Some of the best cat toys are those that move. Because toys help cats hone their hunting skills and exercise, a moving toy is a great option. This includes everything from toys that have motors to propel them along the floor to balls that simply roll around.

Balls are a great choice for an inexpensive toy. They often come in packs of 6 balls and only cost a few dollars. Choose balls in a variety of textures to learn which type your cat likes best. If you are willing to spend a bit more then you can choose a mechanical toy. These are typically in the shape of a mouse, a piece of cheese, a fish or some other small object. They may turn in circles or be on wheels and move across the floor. While they cost more than the simple balls mentioned above, they still are not terribly expensive. You can plan to spend between $10 and $25 for such a toy.

Things that Dangle

When it comes to the best cat toys that help you interact with your cat, dangling cat toys are the winners. You can buy cat toys such as a feather tied to a pole with a piece of string for just a few dollars. Of course, you can likely make something similar at home. Dangle the toy in front of your cat and watch as he swats and pounces. Just keep your hands out of the way!

Things to Scratch

It was mentioned above how the best cat toys can save your furniture and other items from destruction. Your cat NEEDS to scratch. By providing toys that allow for this, the cat will be less likely to scratch your walls or furniture. Such toys include cat scratching posts or door hangers intended for this purpose. If your cat does not seem interested in the scratching surfaces that you have provided, sprinkle them with catnip. This might help to get his attention.

Let Your Cat Decide

Of course, the best judge of the best cat toys for your cat is your cat. Some cats may love a certain toy, while another cat will ignore it completely. Finding out what type of toy most interests your pet is often a process of trial and error. Once you do find cat toys that your pet loves, stock up on them.

Even if your pet has some favorite cat toys, it is still a good idea to continue to introduce new options so that your cat will not get bored. Remember to throw away any damaged toys and be careful not to offer toys that are so small that they could pose a choking hazard.

You can purchase cat toys at any local pet shop, but for a larger selection check online pet shops.

You can also supplement store bought toys with homemade cat toys.

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