Happy at Home McCalla FAQ

1. Why do I need a pet sitter?

Even the most energetic, feisty pets like routine. They feel comfortable in their own sleeping place and like spending the day around their own familiar surroundings. Sure, you will miss your pet, but can have fun on your vacation or take care of your business concerns without wondering whether you pet is safe, healthy and happy.

2. Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, “Happy at Home” is bonded and insured.

3. Will you be the pet sitter?

Yes. I don’t overbook my services. I book enough pet sitting jobs to keep me busy, but not too many that your pet will not get proper attention when I am at your home. I do have backup support in the unlikely event that there is an emergency.

4. Do you charge for the initial “meet and greet?”

No, the purpose of the meeting is for you and your pets to get to know me and for me to get to know you. There is no charge because I want you to feel comfortable with my service before any costs are incurred. If you decide to hire me for upcoming days, a 10% fee will reserve your days on my calendar.

5. What if I have no specific plans to be away from home? Can I make arrangements “now for later?”

Certainly. Doing this will save time in case you have to leave quickly should an emergency present itself.

6. May I check on my pets while I’m away?

Sure. You will have my cell phone number, and you can call anytime. Also, if you want me to, I will email you after every pet visit just to reassure you that your pets are doing fine.

7. What are your service areas?

McCall, Bessemer and Hueytown. If you are in another area, call and we will try to work something out.

8. How far should I book in advance?

The sooner the better, but I will try to work you in to my schedule even on very short notice. I will try to help you in an emergency.

9. What if an emergency doesn’t allow me to come home on schedule?

Part of my job is helping you with emergencies. Call me as soon as possible and I will make additional home visits. I will not abandon your pets.

10. Should I call you when I am back at home?

Yes. I need to know that your pets are safe. If I don’t hear from you, I will have to make another visit to your home.

11. What pets do you take care of?

Cats, dogs, fish, birds, rodents, amphibians. Just about any creature.

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