Pet Sitting McCalla Alabama

Pet Sitting McCalla Alabama

Happy at Home Pet Sitting McCalla Alabama serves the west Jefferson County Alabama areas of McCalla, Hueytown and Bessemer.

When you go on vacation does you pet hate going to the kennel? Do you hate leaving them there? Our pets do not like being left in a strange place and we feel guilty leaving them. It isn’t much better taking them with us. We have too many to take with us – three cats and two big dogs. It’s also sometimes difficult to find lodging that will take pets. Stopping at a nice restaurant on the road is usually out of the question. The big dogs might damage the car and all of them might be harmed by the hot or cold weather. So we hire a pet sitter.

Let  me your pet sitter. Your pets can stay in their own comfortable home. I will visit them each day and make sure they are fed and comfortable. I will even water your plants, take in your paper and mail, and take care of any other routine chores. In the times that we live in now, just having someone check your home each day is worth a lot. I will turn on your lights and make sure your house appears occupied.

Rates: Pricing: $17 per half-hour visit, up to three pets. Call for a quote above three.

I am bonded and insured. I am a member of Pet Sitters International.

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I accept personal checks and PayPal payments.

I can make as many visits as you like per day. Some pets are fine with one visit per day. Others need more, if only for the human interaction….. Just give us a call at:


251-747-8459 or 205-701-3631


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