Ragamuffin Cats

Ragamuffin Cats are a relatively new breed, becoming a distinctive type only in 1994. It has become an extremely popular pet in a short period of time. These cats were developed by a California cat breeder from a litter of especially friendly kittens. Using neighborhood cats to further refine the breed, these cats became known as Rag Doll Cats, and resembled long-haired Siamese cats.

Over the years, disputes between the original breeder and other cat fanciers arose, and the original Rag Doll stock was bred with Persians, Himalayans, and domestic shorthairs to form the basis of the Ragamuffin breed today. The introduction of these other breeds resulted in a wider range of coat colors including tabby, solid, tortoise shell, and spotted. The eyes of the Ragamuffins can be any color, and having eyes of two different colors is not considered a fault.
Ragamuffin Cat
This is a heavy breed, with a maximum weight of about 20 pounds, although the females will be somewhat lighter. Ragamuffins have a fat pad on their abdomen, and most have fuller faces than most cats, with chunky whisker pads. The hair around the neck forms a ruff and the tail is very full. The heavy bones of Ragamuffins mean that they are a sturdy cat.

More Ragamuffin Facts

• This large cat takes more time to mature than most breeds, it and will not be considered to be completely adult until it is 3 or 4 years old.

• Ragamuffins are known as being an extremely friendly cat breed, and they will retain their kitten-like qualities throughout their lives.

• These cats are so docile that they will often allow themselves to be draped around their owner’s neck and worn as a shawl.

• Ragamuffins get along well with both children and other pets.

• Not an independent breed, these cats like to be around people for the greater part of the day. Try not to leave the Ragamuffin alone for long periods.

• Since this breed is so lacking in ferocity, it is best to keep it indoors. If you do take your Ragamuffin outside, it is best to keep it on a leash.

• Like dogs, Ragamuffin Cats will greet their owners when they return home, and they will tag along with them through the house.

• Ragamuffins can be taught tricks and can learn to play fetch.

• The long hair of this cat tells you that you will have to give it a daily brushing. Tangles and mats can form, especially if the cat goes outside, if they are not brushed every day.

• As the Ragamuffin will be spending most of its time indoors, provide a scratching post so that the cat will be less likely to use the furniture.

• The Ragamuffin is a healthy breed of cat, and other than a yearly checkup, vaccinations, and possibly dental cleaning, this cat will probably not have to visit the veterinarian often.

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