Tonkinese Cat

The handsome Tonkinese Cat has been gaining in popularity since it first made its appearance in the 1960s. The Tonkinese is a cross between Siamese and Burmese Cats, and the rich colors of the coat reflect its dual heritage. Some people have chosen the Tonkinese because of disappointment with the elongated look so many breeders now pursue with their Siamese Cats.

Besides the good looks of this cat, it is also loaded with personality, which comes from both sides of the family. If you are looking for a handsome cat with a lot of character, the Tonkinese Cat is definitely for you.

This is a medium-sized cat that comes in four basic ‘mink’ colors: chocolate, seal, lilac, and blue. A few other colors are now showing up in the breed, but if you are planning to use the cat for competitions, it would be best to stick with the original mink colors. It is easy to see the heritage of both the Siamese and Burmese in the Tonkinese. The eyes of the Tonkinese Cat are always a blue-green color. Happily for those who take Tonkinese kittens or cats into their homes, this breed has a very long life span.

More Tonkinese Facts

• Although the Tonkinese is not as ‘clingy’ as some breeds, it will still bond closely with its family, often choosing one member as its special person.

• This is not as docile a cat as the Ragamuffin Cat, for instance, so you can expect more activity and more mischievous behavior from this breed.

• Tonkinese love to play either with other pets or with their human friends, so be sure to supply plenty of toys to keep this breed occupied.

• There will generally be no problem if you want to take your Tonkinese along in the car with you, as it usually enjoys travelling. Be sure to keep the cat in a carrier, or at least have it harnessed and on a leash while in the car.

• The Tonkinese Cat can be trained fairly easily to walk on a leash.

• You will find that this cat is very curious and likes to poke around the house and explore.

• Although happy in an apartment, this breed will enjoy an outing in the backyard as its activity level is high.

• The Tonkinese enjoys talking to you, but you will find that the voice of this cat is not as loud and attention-getting as that of the Siamese. We had a 7 pound Siamese who had a voice so loud that when we went to pick her up at the veterinarian after surgery, she was able to ‘out shout’ even the largest dogs. She was a dear cat, but I think they were happy to see her leave.

• The short coat of this breed does not require a great deal of care, brushing it several times a week will help to remove dead hairs, however.

• Tonkinese are not subject to many health problems, and seem to carry no serious genetic diseases.

• As you will probably be allowing your Tonkinese to go outside, be sure to keep the cat current on vaccinations. You should speak with your vet about worming your cat if it has been hunting. A visit once a year will probably be all that is needed to keep your friend in top shape.

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